Monday, October 29, 2012

Bennett is 2

Yes, as most of you are aware, Bennett turned 2 in August.  However, we moved about 5 days later and it just didn't get done until now.  I am only doing it now so that I have some record of it when he asks what happened to his 2nd birthday.  We had a great day!  We went to the Greensboro Children's museum where they have a real Volvo 18 wheeler that he loved.  I couldn't have any party at my house as there wasn't anywhere for the 5 of us to sit with boxes everywhere  So we invited people to meet at Chick-fil-A, his favorite place.  I intended to pay for everyone, but no one let me.  So, we had a fun dinner, with Bennett as happy as can be, and it didn't mess up my house or cost me more than the $21 for my family of 5.  So, we will be doing this every year:)  I did intend to have a nice dinner and party in the new house once we got settled, but I realized that at 2, he was over it!

Here we are coming in to say good morning to the birthday boy.  He is holding all his "ya-yas" to tell us hi. 

Customary cinnamon roll breakfast with smoothie.  The red plate was packed, sorry:(

Driving the train at the museum.  He had to be forcefully removed!

Inside the police car

Carly with a baby in the newborn nursery.  You can see Ellison and Joiner were there as well.

Joiner with her baby

Mommy and kids in the big chair

Gigi and kids in the big chair

I did make him a cake and I let him lick the icing spoon.  You can see how big his eyes are with this treat!

He had seen a big Thomas balloon at a store once and I told him he could have it for his birthday.  Well, he asked me about it and Daddy stopped at Party City on his way home to pick it up!  He was so happy!  I think this might have been his only present from us.  Again, this will be noted as awesome!  He wouldn't have been happier with 10 toys!

The "big" kids at their own table at dinner

The adult and "little" kids table. 

Bennett's Thomas cake. 

I wouldn't normally post an unflattering picture of my behind, but this was so funny as he dove into his cake!
Bennett, you have to be the coolest, chillest 2 year old out there.  You are so funny and you know it.  The things you say...that it a whole other post.  You go with the flow, and I just can't imagine life without you!
I am sorry we were so busy around your big day, but we love you soooo much!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Ready!!!!

I don't know why I am spending time on this when I have so much to do, but I couldn't resist.  The house is finally done and we are moving in tomorrow. 

View from the street

View from the driveway into the back yard

Upstairs playroom

Carly's room

Carly's vanity area.  The girls each have a vanity with closet then share a toilet and shower.  They call it their "wing" of the house.  They are all along the back of the house.

Joiner's vanity

Joiner's room.  This is BRIGHT pink, but she chose it and loves it!

Upstairs hallway

Bennett's bedroom

When I asked him what he would do in his room, he said "Go night-night" and laid down!

Living room

Kitchen and breakfast room

View of the back yard from the patio and next to the screened porch.

Up the hill

View from the front porch

Dining room.  The light fixture is one from my grandmother's house that is at least 100 years old.  It looks really cool.  The globes aren't on yet.  The one in the breakfast room is also one of her light fixtures.

I didn't take any pictures of the basement today, but there is a guest room and TV room along with the garage.  We have never had a garage!

Oh, well!  On to the chaos!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Georgia On Our Mind

I have been working on this post for about 2 weeks.  Whew!  I will try to get a beach post out and then there will be a break as we try to finally MOVE!  Yeah!

We headed down to GA the week after the dance recital.
You can see Mr B was happy to be there (and to be out of the car!)

Robert giving his cheese face

Giving Robert a hug

We always fight over whose turn it is to play the piano

We headed to the Atlanta Zoo the next morning bright and early.  Here are the girls and Mamie heading in.

Bennett investigating some bird

Group shot by the elephant

Bennett and Pops trailing behind.

This was the turtle's lunch
Getting cooled off by the sprinkler

Going through the tunnels

The girls being kangaroos

B needed his turn.

We bought passes to ride the train, carousel, and bounce house because Bennett loves trains.  Of course the train wasn't running before 2 that day, but he loved the endless rides on the carousel.

The girls were also able to try the climbing wall.  They were both a little tremulous.  Here is Joiner giving it a go.

Getting a pep-talk from the helper.

Carly trying

Bennett singing "Twinkle Twinkle" after his nap.  I have a great video of this, but I don't know how to add it.  Maybe one day.

We went to Mountain Park the next day and got to try a climbing wall there as well

Pops and Bennett chilling!

Of course, we had to visit the swings!

Pops made it to the top of the rock!

Then Daddy, and Mamie, but her picture didn't load. 

Bennett and Daddy came home to nap and the rest of us drove to Alpharetta to visit the American girl store in ATL.  The sun was a bit bright!

The final day we made a trip to some friends who have very friendly goats.  Here is B feeding them. 

Carly is walking one

There was a little old bike that Joiner was helping Bennett ride.

It was a great trip as always!